Lockdown The World!

Lockdown the World! Lock ‘em up!

Is this the actions of the Devil? Then where is God?

You can tell when the Power Mongers have nothing to do with something!  The religions are Quick to tell to you this is the Devil’s doing. And they are right!

 But there’s something that they and the rest of the world don’t understand. The Devil works in reality (where we are) this is after all reality! Like the human condition, they created In the beginning When they seized control! The Degradation of the World is a direct result of their actions. This World was a Utopia When they committed their treachery. Where do you think they got the inspiration for; “The wolf shall dwell with the Lamb”. They didn’t get it off the top of their heads. This is the cunning and sleaziness of this group! 

Are you important? 

The vast majority of the world’s population means nothing to this group! They will first and foremost protect their interests if someone is important to them you can rest assured they’re not going to succumb to this sickness And those nearby will be safe as well. Don’t assume it’s the scientist, the holy man, the politician, a lot of them for sure will be protected. It could just as easily be the janitor down the street, that the Devil and this group will go out of their way to save. If they believe that persons in their self-interest. You’ll have to put your snoot minds on the back burner with this group. This group is sitting quietly hiding In safety waiting to Spring their vicious act of Treachery. This is a natural act, “so to speak” this was not created by the Devil in some vacuum of Cosmic mysticism! The Devil and the group of betrayers are, as all of us, existing in this reality. Biostructure, biomolecular structure manipulation was put in place by this group to make the environment inducive to their needs In the beginning. This group is highly intelligent and they have everything down to practically an absolute science but the devil, like so many is an opportunist! And he’s not one to pass up an opportunity. 

Take for instance the Extra-Terrestrial community. This is a subject that is polluted with scam artists! Who are believed by the 10’s of thousands of people? The devil needn’t manipulate every unscrupulous person! This is because of the Human Condition created by the Devil, Christ and the rest of the betrayers, that are already incorporated into the fabric of society. Sometimes the devil doesn’t have to work too hard. He doesn’t need to create the scam, he just doesn’t have to prevent it from happening, it is the same with this illness. The conditions for this illness to flourish as the conditions that create the unscrupulous person’s actions are strategically placed within the fabric of our existence.

You don’t have to trust the government and you shouldn’t in absolutes. But not everybody in government belongs to the occult and in actuality, there are very few. They’re from all walks of life they’re just like everyone else, albeit the worst of us There are also some very decent conscientious people in government. This is because the Devil needs them, the devil works in checks and balances.  The Devil is first and foremost a military (tactician) strategist. In governmental organizations (federal, state) there is always a small degree of good, for strategical purposes. Don’t get caught up in the Religious spiel and don’t get caught up in the Conspiracy theorists spiels. And try not to succumb to fear you cannot think well in the state of fear! 

The World throughout history has been affected by many illnesses where considerable amounts of people have succumbed. They’ve wiped out entire continents to get what they want (where they want to be!) This group is quite capable of manipulating governments. They can manipulate them as easily as manipulating puppets, on a stage. You have to understand what this group is attempting, (to this point, quite successfully) is the infrastructure in place? It is moving quite smoothly with no interference, time is definitely, running out. As long as the Devil can, continue to operate in the shadows of Incomprehensibilities atrocities are going to happen. As I’ve tried to explain, You cannot defend yourself against something if you refuse to admit it exists. 

You don’t understand what You’re up against! You are up against beings with intellect, beyond all the greatest minds that have ever existed and a being that is beyond the vilest that have ever walked the planet!  Its Absolute Cold-Blooded Hate And Absolute Desire. They cannot be reasoned with, they will not stop! And in their minds, they are convinced they will not lose.

  We can find them! They can be located! They can be routed outBut, the world needs to understand. We have to come together in understanding the incomprehensible seriousness of our situation. With knowledge and fortitude, we can confront them.  But in order to Fight this Enemy, we need to first be aware that We Have One!  I Strived To Bring an Understanding Of The Immensity Of What Our World Is Up Against! The Beings Involved! And The Difficulties In Defending One’s Self From Them! It is as it is; You think only the religious are delusional. As the Religious can only see the Devil in other Religions, you only see Delusions, in the Understandings of others!

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