I Will That I Will.


I’m Mr. Love! 

Infinite love!

 I Don’t Want To Hurt You! But I Will. 

If You Don’t Get Down On Your Knees And Worship Me!

 And Call Me love! I’m Mr love!

Trap Them With love

You want to Spread the Love. Spread the Good. This is a Commendable Thing. You’re a Good Person and You Have a Good Heart. But we are Under Attack by an Entity Who Sees This As A Weakness, it can exploit!

 Our Enemy knows How and What to do to Achieve its Desire.

The Devil uses the fact that you are a Good Person that you are Loving. It has Deceived you into believing that though Religion you can Change All The Wrong In The World. That Religion Is The Only Answer to all the problems in the World. The Devil is all about Hate and Jealousy For Our Father and Mother. They Are More Than It Can Ever Hope To Be. And it Hates US Because Of The Love Our Father and Mother Have For US. The Devil’s Plan has been Well Thought Out, and Carefully Put Into Action. And the World has been Deceived. You want to spread the love, but you are helping the Devil to Accomplish its Plan.

You Are A Victim! You May Refuse To Accept It!

But That Is What You Are! 

A Victim Of The Devil. The Devil Changed You. It Changed What You Are. How You Think. 

The Devil, change your perception of things. You Can Not See It Because You Are In It. You Can Not Understand It, Because You Are A Victim Of It. And You Can Not Believe It, Because Of It. You see the Devil as a story, You Better Be Good or the Devil will get you. Or you believe the Devil has been subdued. You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It. The Hate, It Is Filled With. The Cunning That It Has. The Time Put Into Achieving Its Desire. And the Time The Devil Has. And You Can Not See The How Of It. Or The Why That This Group Believes They Will Be Successful. 

I Need a Hero to save me!  But like me, he’s got to be righteous and he’s got to be pure!

Take a moment and consider Our Father and Mother. How such beings would think! And take a moment and consider how the Devil and those who stand with him would think and believe achievable. You may think I try to sensationalize. That’s not what I’m about. I’m trying to explain a horrible evil that can’t be comprehended. You are not being cared for by some loving entity. You are being manipulated by a being of extreme hate and a group of cold Indifference and unquenchable desires.

The World Is Under Attack!

We are Under Attack, by an Enemy who is Cunning and Full of Hate. An Enemy that Desires to Use Us and Kill Us. The World doesn’t Even Know That It Is Here. We have been Deceived at the Very Core of Our Understanding.

The World can Discover the Existence of the Devil and the betrayers that stand with it. The Devil and Christ are not Mystical Cosmic Beings. They are Beings that have to Work Within the Laws Of Science. When I say things like the Devil can talk to you in your head or I say the Devil can take possession of your body. And can control some motor functions. Like your ability to move, and the words that a person says. And the ability to project themselves onto the sky. The first response, I usually get is

Well He’s Mad He’s Insane He’s A Nut Job.

Regardless I will attempt to Enlighten to the horror of the situation!

The Devil and Christ are “Using Technology.”

They are “Using Power.”

What kind of Power and Technology This Is Unknown it is a  level of science the Devil has kept us in the dark about. But it is Power and Technology Nonetheless. And the Technology Can Be Traced Its Source Found. They Have To Be Some Place. Some Place that They Are Operating This Technology and Using This Power. Some Way Is The Ability To Register The Use Of This Power This Technology. If you think the Devil is Not Using this Technology to Talk to World Leaders, in Religion an in Governments, Then You don’t Have a true Understanding of The Devil’s Ability or Desire. We have a Real Problem in this World the Devil and Christ have us Good!. Just look at the Phenomena of God, and the Large percent that Believes in Christ. We have this phenomenon that affects not just the Lost Dregs of Society the Uneducated Poor People of the World. We have some of The Smartest People in the World that believe this and will stand in front of the World and ask God to Bless their Country.

There is a considerable amount of people that talk about how God is talking to them. Or the ones that talk about Demonic Possession. And I know that a lot of these reports are Bogus, some I know will Always Say they are All Bogus.

But one needs to look at the Mentally Unreasonable Religious Frenzy that is Out There and Recognize it for What it is.

The World Needs to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late if It Is Not Already. The Intelligent Level Headed People of the World the ones with the Resources to Reach Out. Have to Become Aware of this Phenomena and Regardless of how Preposterous All Of This Sounds. They need to Face This, To Acknowledge this Phenomena to Acknowledge this God Phenomena as A Serious Attack And Find Their Source Of Power.

They Lie they tell you lies they dumb you down they deceive you. After a while, you start to buy it maybe not all but you start to buy the lies.

The Devil is discoverable and beatable. The Devil is hiding why? The Devil has technological power, but it’s basically all it has. And the Devil is a fraud. As is the God he Created. The Devil needs Millions of people and it is a Very Hard Thing to Try and Control Millions of People. The Devil knows it Could Be Discovered for what it is. And will viciously protect that vulnerability. The Devil will make its move when the conditions are right in a time of despair and disarray. When it can Manipulate a large Number of People for the Time Necessary to Complete its Task.

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