Archer knows A bad situation is coming!

Archer knows A bad situation is coming! The Devil has them all marching to the rhythm! We’re up against a group that has an immense understanding of science, this is their game. This natural flow into a multi-billion endeavor was produced in one lifetime! Imagine where they’ll be in two lifetimes! This is how they’re going to implement it, through ___†__ the cross.  

I don’t know if people can hear me? 
Maybe the World is Dead? 
The last time I checked it was in a frenzy to murder itself! 
I don’t know if it mattered, really? 
It was after all on a collision course with death! 
What the World calls Sin, The Devil calls a Weapon of Science! 
The Devil tells you, if you kneel to God, your sins will go away! 

But science doesn’t work that way!

 What Is Really Known “Of This So-Called God.” That Can Never Find His Way To A Hospital. 

But Billions Can Find Their Way To Their Knees!


 Why are Billions on their Knees Worshiping this Empty God?


 We Must See this “UNNATURAL PHENOMENA” and Acknowledge It As Such


When the fox hears the rabbit scream he comes running, But, not to help. When this Murderer shows up with a smile! (The new testament) in it’s Respectable (religious) Vehicle! He’ll not be there to save your soul. If you cry out to the Devil’s God you’ll be dealing with a fox!

You can live in denial, they like it when you do. As they continue to put everything in place. For them, this is business as usual. Religion it’s packaged wholesome and good because bad and ugly doesn’t sell that good.

  You can’t see how religion could be wrapped up in subatomic particles and dimensions. You can’t see the immensity of the Infrastructure In religion and the intensity of absoluteness of the belief that so many have. And you can’t see that you’re being played by a very cold-hearted group. There is a reason there is absoluteness in religion! Absolute obedience! 

Look at how they’re acting with this Megacorporation! They’re pushing it on the public like it’s a wonder drug! That they’re all wonderful people, the best of the best in all the world. Why do you think they’re doing that? The Greatest Minds in All the World, in one room, Oh My! And even together they still can’t figure out that their idiots, and being played for fools! And you can be sure, a lot of the reason for that is because of ego. Something else that the Devil is good at manipulating! Champagne anyone? Take heed of what I tell you, I have walked down this road for a long time. I know from whence I speak. 

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