The End Times are Here! This is Good news! Isn’t it?

The End… There Is More At Stake! Then Is Understood!

We are getting closer to the End. That is what a lot of people are starting to say. The World is in a dark time that is for sure. But the World has been in darker times in the past, and we have heard this before. But this time seems different, a lot of people are starting to feel it. They know something is going to happen. Some believe it will be World War 3 with America getting a taste of her own medicine. Others believe it is the Second Coming! That “God” is returning to Earth. In the Second Coming, we (if you go by the Bible) will most definitely be at War!

For the Christians, this is a great moment, But they are unaware or believe they will not be Blown up, Poisoned, Starved, or Die of Thirst, Along with a large majority of the population. They believe that God and Christ on their return (I wonder where they went) will reward the Faithful with Mansion, Servants, and Slaves. But is that what is going to happen! The end there is more at stake then is “Understood.”

Let’s go back in time, years ago. Times are good. Our Father and Mother have their planet and all their Family is there enjoying this time with them. But there is one, one who is Jealous and Hates Our Father. One who is in a position to act on Its Hate, this Being is the Devil.

The Devil steals powerful technology and takes Control of the Plant. It wants something! It starts a Religion It starts a lot of them. Now It waits. It has the time it gets Millions of followers led by a Few! The Devil has World Leaders, on their knees praying to him. Military Commanders on their knees praying to him.

And now the time has arrived and the Devil makes Its move! All of a sudden there is a loud Shout I am God Almighty, and a Huge Vision of Christ with his Disciples Appear. The Christians are Ecstatic! God has Arrived. With the Military Commanders, It rounds up the World and puts things in order. The “New World Order” God/Devil issues a statement. That a Powerful technology must be created to repair the damage done by the Devil. Let’s say a Big Tear in the Universe!

Technology is the Answer to the Problem. So a decree is issued to the ones left after the Decimation of the World. All Schools and all Colleges and Manufacturing facilities to be shut down. That the Schools and Colleges be restaffed with teachers in all Phases of Technology and to convert all but the most essential businesses into Manufacturing facilities of Technology. You will be told you are doing this for God and to Save the universe and yourself. You will be housed and cared for you will be happy praying and Worshiping your God.

You will be busy learning about and building technology. You will be waiting, caught up, in the build-up for the Big Day.

When all life can rejoice in having help there loving God, Save the Universe. All of a sudden a loud voice shouts out the technology to save the Universe is finished with absolute success all manufacturing facilities and schools were to close immediately until further notice. Now was the time to give praise to God and celebrate.

But what has happened my Brothers and Sisters in your desire to Praise and Serve God,

You and like-minded individuals have inadvertently helped the Devil to Kill (Obliterate) Our Father and Mother. All Our Loved Ones, and All Life that has Lived before us. All future life, Will Die, they will not go to Heaven, but instead will be sent into Oblivion. That is to say that our life force (our souls) will have no place to go and will Cease to Exist.

Our existence how we came to be and where we are is beyond our ability at the moment for us to know. Unfortunately a large percentage of the People, in this world, like to believe they understand what is not understood. We are being deceived, we are being manipulated and unfortunately what is happening to all of us is beyond the People of this world’s ability to understand and accept. And it is this inability this entrench mindset that has Afflicted the World and it could very well mean death, for all of us.

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