We are under attack!

This has nothing to do with Religion!

Religion is merely a vehicle in this attack!

This group didn’t come here with weapons! They came here with seeds.

They came here with love in their minds, and wonder in their eyes! And then, they were compromised! And now they work as diligently as they can to manipulate you into creating your demise! Look at everything! Look at religions, look at all of them! Look at CERN, look at all of the numerous branches within this organization! The  Affiliated branches! See how they’ve spread them out across the globe! Hundreds of research facilities stretching across the entire globe! Not involving hundreds of people, not involving thousands. But 10 to the thousands of People! Look at the billions they get. Billions of Dollars with hardly any more effort than extending out their hand. Look at all the facilities, look at the people who are told, they are better than the ignorant dumb masses! The people within these facilities are told that their Minds are the best in all the World! And they believe with absoluteness that this is so. They’re not bad, just egotistical. But egotism derives from and encourages scummy thinking. And when you start thinking you’re better than everybody else! You start feeling you’re more deserving than those you’ve designated as beneath you. CERN scientists would do well to remember. As they look down on the minions of little people with lesser minds. They, like their egos, are on a frantic race to the Grave. Speed to the Grave is also a design from those you call love. The bottom line, if an individual, a group, an organization, starts saying that they are better than everybody else. That their minds are superior to anyone else in the world! A problem is being created! Like so many others you mistake your education for intelligence. Somebody should have told you, it’s not the same thing!

The religious have it wrong, as they always do!

CERN is Not A Portal To Let Something In!

CERN Is ★The Beginning Of A Powerful Weapon★ 

★A Dimensional Destroyer★ 

 ★A Powerful Weapon★ 


It’s easy for the Devil to fool a scientist. (They’re not really that bright to start with.) All he has to do is nothing. This is after all reality and that’s what they don’t understand. They don’t believe in the Supernatural per se they’ve never been exposed to it, Christ is not reaching out to them. The Devil does not violate them. At least not to their conscious knowledge. They see nothing so they believe what they are hearing is nonsense.

The Devil’s In this to win. He’s a military strategist. He runs this like a military operation. He uses the fact that this is after all reality. You’re not dealing with a swirl of Cosmic mysticism we’re dealing with highly advanced Science. These are highly advanced beings that have been compromised have far more intelligence than you give yourself credit for. 

You live in denial you’re comfortable with your cushy denial. You can turn your face away from the horrors this group is doing. As they hide behind their religious vehicle.  And drop to Your Knees and Worship this so-called God you call love! Or as one Scientist describe it, when you kneel at the altar of the quantum computer, you feel as though you’re in the presence of a god! 

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