The three faced God! It’s not what you think!

Three three three Gods in one! What’s going on? there’s a lot that’s been written about the three-faced God.

Some think that it represents the Trinity, but it doesn’t. 

As I’ve spoken of in the past we are being deceived. When people have visions. When Christ the Devil, God and so-called Angels, manifest visually within the air or on the ground.

What they are using to manifest themselves is Technology. Technology they stoled.

When the devil uses this technology to create visions they sometimes will make a quick movement the picture becomes slightly distorted. You will see a tracking effect if a face or arm is moved to fast.

When they use this technology! What you are witnessing is just simply a “Technological Glitch” that’s it, it’s that simple!

A Technological Glitch, That they do not know how to overcome.

And haven’t been able to overcome for Thousands of Years. That should tell you something about them.

Scientists and Professionals in the field have known for years the difficulties that they are facing, with trying to create a solid 3D dimensional picture. With a person to appear right in front of you on the ground and in the air.

As it is with the technology they have today they need a platform for the figure and then it is still not a solid object.

If this group should decide to try and manipulate you with a vision you’ll know what to look for. This doesn’t happen with every vision though because they’re very careful with their movements.

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