Women in the World, The Devil Told You A Lie!

You’re Told To Love God And Praise His Name Or Else! You Sit And You Wonder As You Hold Yourself in Pain. How did God, Ever Think? “To Put A Women ln The World!”

This is not a being of love that has you in its grip this is a cold entity of hate! I Bring you Good News, there’s no God but what’s this mean for you! This means no unquenchable mad mind will be demanding your worship and praise. You have a Father and Mother who love you. As in all life, there are two male and female, we also are from two (Our plane of existence is not this side!) They love you more than I can put in words. When the Devil looks at Our Father laughs and mocks the Women in the World, Our Mother’s there by Our Father’s side. She knows the painfully hurt you feel and she’s working with Our Father to end this. She Never Loses Sight Of You! Our Mother has so much hurt for what’s happening to all of us. They’re doing everything conceivable that can be done in this horrific situation and we are going to get through this. Our Father and Mother are not God’s! They’re not religious and would never ask you to worship them. Although the times look bleak to a lot of us and our future looks disturbing. The journey ahead is one of wonder and incredibility. We have a Father and Mother that love all of us. We do not have a God or a Goddess who fools around with mystical charms, or some disturbed God ordering you to worship him, no they are family and real love. There’s a lot more going on then is understood but know they care. They are prevented at the moment from being with us, that’s what my message is about.

A message about worship

When you Worship you are Worshiping the Devil.

Our Father and Mother, Do not want you to Worship them.

That is what the Devil wants. He wants you to Worship him and call him God (our Father and Mother do not use the word “God” or “Goddess”) They want us to call them Father and Mother.  

Our Mother

In the World, there are two of everything (for the most part) There are two of us. It is that way with Our Father and Mother. The Devil does not want you to know about our Mother. One of the reason is that the Devil has a fixation with Our Father, it is consumed with Hate and Jealousy for him. But that is not the only reason. It wants to perpetuate an omnipotent and mentally ill God. This format is designed for it to perpetuate its desire. The Devil’s plan won’t work if you had an understanding of Our Mother and the family structure that Our Mother is about. You can not put, mentally enraged, you better pray or I’ll kill you, in a family structure. The family structure is what Our Mother represents. So even though you have not heard of Our Mother in the religious propaganda that you read. Understand that Our Mother loves you very much and is with Our Father working with him all the time, to end what has happened.

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