The shot has been fired!


In the final moment when all has been said and done. And the shot has been fired! And all that was is gone!

In that final moment, All the People of the World will never know that they were played! That they would be no more! 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Christ Firing Chemical Weapons (Bombs!)  
The Only Miracle That Christ Ever Did. 
Was going from the Man with the Lamb!
To the Man in Command at Missile Command! 
And Get People to Brag About It!
The religious are like we’re so down with that ❤  We want to go!

Though this be madness, yet there is method in it! 

 Blistering Bombs! What madness this be! Could the Man of love! Mr. Love be blatantly duping you after he’s mesmerizingly sucked you in! Could it be, that the gas and the poison Kool-Aid might not be for those bad people! You know the ones that will not pray. Maybe it’s a disguise to hide the systematic killing of people in countries that will be the biggest threat to the success of their mission. Stand up people, face the hard truth you’re being deceived!

They know that it is horrible! They know that it is wrong! They know it’s disgusting! They know only the scummiest would do such a thing! And they don’t care! The betrayers minds have been compromised! They know what they want! 

It’s tough you know! The rope has to be the right color.

The reporter asked the Woman, Aren’t you upset about what I’m reporting? The Woman said to the reporter, It’s not what you say that upsets me. It’s the way you say it.

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