The Devil Doesn’t Care!

The people of the world know something is not right. They sense that there could or should be more to their existence. They sense that something is wrong with the indifference in life, the Emptiness of death.

They know something is there, they think it is God. And they do not know why he never appears. And is always indifferent and leaves them in despair.

The Devil knows that a lot of people are going to worship a different God then the biblical one. And it doesn’t care! It wants the mental conditioning that worshiping brings. One of the Devil’s primary vehicles of attack is in the religious material which is reinforced with certain individuals with direct contact as God or the Devil. There is also interaction on numerous levels with a being, known as Christ! This is also further reinforced with saturation on virtually every front not counting all the numerous Religious institutions you have it on TV to coffee cups! The mental conditioning is not limited to a religious nature!

If you could realize you had an enemy. And if you could understand that God is a Creation of the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the Betrayers. And you understood that the Bible was written under the control of the Devil. You would have a good understanding of the mind of your Enemy and the callousness of the Betrayers!

You ignored them when they said, an Entity is communicating with them!

You ignored and dismissed any realization this was happening in the world!

Your minds have been compromised! That’s why you won’t acknowledge! You can’t recognize! The threat the Serious Danger! Right in front of You!

Seeing is Believing

Even if you don’t think, You’ve Been Brainwashed! 

You have been Conditioned! 

You have been Saturated! 

And when the time comes you will believe!

Because after all, Seeing is Believing!

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  1. The whole omniscience of the god character – wouldn’t he known that Lucifer would rebel? Perfect angel and all. I mean really – so if god isn’t omniscient then he’s likely not omnipotent so why call him a god after all? And if no god, then no devil either.


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