Father Hear my Heart! An amusement of the Devil’s!


The Devil is as sadistic as he is hateful! And the Devil likes to amuse himself with the abilities he has!

Sometimes he will seek out individuals to manipulate. 

Using the “chair of power,” to attack his victim (remember Abraham) he will get them worked up into a mental Frenzy.

 Where they will Shout, Father Hear my Heart, Father Hear my Heart, over and over again!

He will continue, forcibly edging them on, to shout as loud and his long as they can. If it goes beyond one encounter, the Devil will deprive that person of as much sleep as he can!

 He will keep at them day and night, with the hopes that they will have a heart attack! So he can laugh at them, as they pass by him! The Devil is not always successful and many of the survivors of this, are left confused for years and mentally and physically damaged some so severely that it takes years to recover Some of the victims of this sadistic attack are so enraged that they scream out in anger at the Entity, they believe is God, for years and years!

Father hear my heart!

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