Red flag🚩 INFO! Mind Readers, All Over The Place! Red flag 🚩INFO!

Red flag🚩 INFO! Red flag 🚩

Mind Readers, All Over The Place!

Mind reading! A lot of people believe they can do it! This is a more serious issue than you may be aware of! A lot of people have been hurt by this manifestation of malicious intent! What makes people believe they can hear other People’s thoughts, is that the other person’s voice in the tone of their Voice, manifest within the other person’s mind! This is a malicious attack from the Devil. A lot of you won’t believe that, because you don’t believe in the Devil! This is the situation the atheist faces when a situation like this manifests within their mind. They instinctively move to the belief that their mind, somehow is deeply attuned, believing their mind somehow encompassing superior powers, they believe the thoughts they hear, without a doubt, are the other person! It’s virtually impossible to convince them what is actually happening! Even with the Religious, who a majority of believe in a Devil, succumb to this thought process. Believing themselves privileged. The Devil may even tell that person that he is allowing it because that person is a chosen one!  Never realizing they’re hearing what the devil wants them to!

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