You Think Me Mad!

You Think Me Mad! As Mad As Mad Can Be!

But I Talk To Madness, Madness You See! And I Want No Confusion With Clarity!

I get sarcastic, I joke I’ve been through the mill, get over it

But this time I want to take a moment and talk to you a little more plainly.

You’re in Serious Danger! As serious as You can imagine. There’s something wrong with Billions, Worshiping someone who’s “not a caring involved loving being.” And who has built a Tremendous Infrastructure! To keep you away when he appears. There’s a very cunning reason for that.

You are dealing with a very dangerous, a very evil malicious being! This sinister being has no compassion, “No Love.” It sees love as pathetic, as a weakness, as a vehicle, he can use in the pursuit of his agenda. The Devil is a being full of hate! Please be careful and consider what you’re doing! This entity consumed with hate and the group of betrayers that stand with him are creating an environment of absolute manipulating obedience. People need to realize what’s happening and why this phenomenon is happening! 

So, stand up everybody, get up off your knees. Turn to somebody and tell them, you see a Serious Danger! Tell them you won’t Worship! Tell them, let’s Not Worships this Monster, let’s Not Get Down On Our Knees. Let step back and look at what we see, and rethink our reasoning! 

The surreal context and the depth of what is happening and how it is happening and the human condition is making the conveyance of this serious reality of our situation an unbreachable wall…

This message is about the existence of Our Father and Mother, and the Devil’s God Deception! The World is being deceived! 

There’s an astronomical amount of websites that will claim that they have all the answers, the absolute truth, everything you ever needed to know. On YouTube, there is a mind-boggling head-spinning amount of garbage! Spewed out by some of the most ignorant know-it-alls that have ever been. Their motivation spans from one end of the spectrum to the other. My message is basic and straightforward. It’s on the front lines of awareness. I speak to the deceit that is happening in this World that everyone is totally unaware of the lies and deception of God! 

I call myself Father’s Appointed, the term Anti†God is simply a reflection of my understanding of God and Religion! I make no claim to Divinity, I’m not a Prophet, or a Guru, or a Psychic, I don’t make predictions, I’m not a Spirit Guide channeling messages or a Space Alien Channeler, the follies of all of them l post on. Nor, am I a messenger relaying ongoing messages. The only way we are going to succeed and get out of this is to understand psychic, gurus, are deceptions, a lie.

 Although I do have a message. 

Our Father and Mother are not God’s they are Family! And we are under attack by an Entity Our Father referred to as the Devil. We are not being attacked by a cosmic swirl of Mystical Mysticism. We are under attack from an immense understanding of science.

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