The beat goes on…..

The scientists at Osaka University claim that their pulse (2 petawatts at 1 picosecond) is about 100 times the energy of UT Austin’s laser, and twice its peak power. But the first laser to rip open the vacuum is likely to be the SEL, in China. An international committee of scientists last July described the laser’s conceptual design as “unambiguous and convincing,” and Li hopes to get government approval for funding—about $100 million—early this year.

“Two petawatts, that’s a lot,” said Julio Soares, a senior research scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. What could a laser that powerful be used to do? Based on the kinds of experiments done at the National Ignition Facility, which houses a similar high-powered laser, Soares jokes: “Well, to blow things up.”

To blow things up, he said with a grin! While you’re reading their propaganda and listening to their rhetoric. A group of cold indifference led by hate continues in the pursuit of their quest. The World sleeps and the Devil, Christ and the rest of the betrayers continue on around the clock!

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