A Dependable G.O.D.

Mine, Will Be Sticking Around!

Hey! I have information You’ll want to hear! There’s someone who wants to kill you! 

For Goodness Sakes Man Tell Me Who lt ls! 

Well, he’s traveled thousands and thousands of miles he’s been watching You! He’s Waited for years and years. He’s finally found a way to kill you! And that’s what he’s going to do. 

Who Are You To have this information?… 

 I’m Nobody!

Well, I’m not even going to consider that! It’s ridiculous to think someone would go through all that trouble. And besides, I’ve purchased a new security system. The man says it’s the best. So dependable he calls it G.O.D, Guaranteed Observational Defense. I’ll be Super Safe, Nobody will Be Safer! Everybody should have a dependable G.O.D. 

He’s Coming Over Tomorrow To Install lt! 

 Endeavoring to bring the truth! 

The main purpose of Father’s Appointed is to bring Awareness to those in direct contact with an entity they believe is God, the Devil, or some other Force this being presents itself as! This blog is also attempting to bring an awareness of the Betrayers that stand with this Entity Of Hate! And for those who could somehow benefit from this knowledge. This blog is also attempting to bring awareness to the Atheists Activist misdirecting purpose!

This group of Evil intent has done immense harm to the People of this World. “They Have Successfully Hidden Themselves In Controversy And Disbelief!” This Blog will continue to try to bring awareness and understanding of these truths. You may believe this blog, no different than the rest, (they are smoke screens, to Cloud your mind, obscure the truth when it appears.) But contained within this blog, is the most comprehensive information on the existence of the Devil, that you will find on the  Planet!

People cannot defend themselves if they cannot understand that they are under attack, and how they are being attacked! 

You Cannot Fight The Enemy!

If You Do Not Know…The Enemy Exists!

You cannot defend yourself from this deadly attack!

If You Refuse to Believe, The Enemy Exists

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