I think we’re doomed!

Flat Earthers, tell me I’m in a terrarium sitting on a pedestal in some Snooty Guy’s Private Library.

Religious People, refuse to believe me when I tell them that God’s not talking in their heads!

Spiritualists are busy talking to their higher selves and the ascended dead!

The Atheist tells me that they are the smart ones and there’s nothing going on! And I’m stupid for not accepting that I’m an ooze pit monkey man! 

Extraterrestrials Enthusiasts try to convince me that aliens seeded the World that I sprung out from a pod!

Scientists are telling me all I have to do is stick a computer chip in my head and I can become a God!

And Satanists read the Devil’s words and tell me that he is the all!

An Agnostic said to me, he’s open-minded but leaning towards atheism. But should Christ appear in front of him! Or should God reach down and touch him someway then he would believe there was a God!

And the monkey flips the switch!

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