We turn it on it works

Let’s talk about televisions for a moment.

We turn it on it works, that’s all most of us really understand about it. Myself included, oh I have like a lot of us a basic understanding of how a television works. But if it will not turn on, I’m like now what. I could never sit down and build one from scratch. Let alone build the technology that makes a television work in a lot of ways television is technological magic. It is almost certain that if you showed a television to someone before 1927 they would think it was magic. And in one sense it is magic, techno-magic. Of course, it is not magic to the people that build television it’s technology from scientific research. It is an understanding of scientific realities and taking advantage of them.

It is like that with are World, of course, our World is not a television and we are not moving pictures on it. But our World is a technological wonder. When our Father and Mother created life in this World. This if we could have seen it would have looked like magic. Our Father and Mother have an immense understanding of scientific reality. All of us also would have this understanding if the Devil was not in control of what we learn and was not motivating us in a direction that will benefit it.

Our Father and Mother are not Gods, they are highly intelligent and loving beings. And with all their knowledge they began this World. What looks like magic to us is scientific knowledge to them! And now in this world, the Devil has control of that technology and it is no TV. What the Devil can do with this technology is disturbing, to say the least! And you’ve been conditioned to think of such things as totally ridiculous.

But the next time you turn on your TV, think about what someone would have imagined, about what they’re looking at. Hundreds of years ago, seeing somebody’s face on the TV talking! Think about how they would have felt if one of today’s TVs suddenly appear with somebody on it giving them a lecture, what unimaginable thoughts would they have had?

What do you think, You would believe if a “huge face appeared in the sky” and started talking to you?

We are in serious trouble and somehow, some serious addressing of the unexplainable phenomena of religion needs to be taken. What so many like to call mass hallucinations really needs to be reanalyzed in a more open-minded way. What they need to do and cannot do, is put this in a non-religious perspective. Its like use the wrong math you won’t get the right answer. It’s important to understand I’m talking about technology and science I am saying an outside force is using this technology for personal wants and desires. I am not saying this is some kind of Invasion from Outer Space! What I am talking about is a case of straight out betrayal cold-blooded betrayal that is using technology. The technological and biological attacks that the religious are subjected to are by no means isolated to just the religious. And it is this obstacle that also puts a barrier in the world coming to the reality of the truth!

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