You hear People claim God loves you!

You hear People claim God loves you!

You hear People claim God, is nothing more than some people’s delusions!

You hear people say, you’re just imagining yourself and one day you’ll disappear when you happen to forget, to remember that you’re not really even here! Or that you are, Infinite awareness, all that ever was, is and will be! Stuck on a computer chip, having a bad day!

In reality, there’s no God! But in the shadows of the Mind, the Devil speaks! The Devil is not working in a fanciful imagination of non-existence. The Devil Works in reality! In this reality! This manifestation, that you know could not be! That’s what the Devil is operating in reality, the problem is you just don’t know what reality really is!

The Devil is confusing, to say the least? Without nitpicking the numbers half the population doesn’t believe in the Devil. The other half believes in the Devil, but can only connect him with its God! In both groups, only a small percentage (knowing) actually encounters the Devil, in one perspective or another. The ones that lived through the encounter have nowhere to go but to conclude this is either God or some manifestation of God’s. But this is an assumption of the Devil’s teachings.

The ones that don’t believe; you say, this is reality! And all Religious People delusional, can you really have a shared mass delusion? Even if you use the argument that each one is not the same. It still doesn’t explain why this delusionary theme persists for so many years and covers the entire World. And not as some subtle mental occurrence but a whipped up fanatical frenzy, the likes of which the world has never known!

He said, well that’s just reality, well that’s just it, reality! Yes, reality! But what is reality? This reality within it is (your) perception of it. Where do you get this perception you so strongly stand to? You get it from the facts that you read, a lot of these are good facts this is reality after all. But it is in this perception of reality that the Devil maliciously circles and infiltrates us and violates us. Our nature is distorted. You see a whirlwind of confounded absolution in the existence of God, you hear references of it in practically every movie you hear people talking “disturbingly” in absolutes. But what you do not see is it whirling around in the world making espresso magically appear for everybody! That’s because the Devil works in reality, it’s not a God it can’t do that. The Religious people see obstacles with bringing the non-believers to awareness of God, they attribute these obstacles to the Devil! The Atheist sees obstacles in realities awareness; they attribute this to Delusion. Each group, equally mentally entrenched! the religious, know what they Perceive; Feel, Hear, See. The Atheist knows he stands on a World that works within laws, he can feel hear and see the World he stands on!

This is explicitly confirmable its scientific facts because it is reality. What isn’t reality! “Is You” you are the unreality! You are in existence, but that isn’t you. You are an illusion! But you are not a lie! You’re, after all, a reality in reality! Nothing has or can change the laws that came with the unexplainable phenomena of existence! The only thing that can be changed “is You” and how you perceive, what you perceive, and how you think of these perceptions. And it is here where everything has been violated where you have been violated! Religious, Atheist, Agnostic, it matters not. This is the awareness that the World cannot, but must find a way to see. It’s Arrogant Entrapment, all of us must climb out of before it’s too late! You watch TV, you listen to the radio, some people think the people they see the music they hear, these things appear just magically out of thin air, because they can see the air is empty, there’s nothing there! Our universe has other Dimensions (higher vibration) you can’t see.

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