Can you see the sickness of these two!


Can you see the sickness of these two! Can you see the truth!

Can you see the sickness that they’ve infested the World! Where people have built Cathedrals, Filled Stadiums, Surround A Box! There are people in this world that believe they are the chosen! Believe it’s God talking in their head they have thousands, millions, billions following them!

A large percentage of people believe it’s God’s giving them messages speaking to them. They’ll hold to this belief with a Vengeance call you Devil Spawn! If you should say anything against this disease! Their constant bombardment, constant perfuse insistence you submit! They demand that God the concept of God infest every inch of society. The World cannot see how God by any name and Christ are an evil slithering into society! Manipulating and twisting the Minds of all!

I strive to bring an awareness of the Immense Evil that has encompassed all life on this planet! The World is in extreme Danger that it just cannot comprehend!

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