God Phenomenon, They Worship! God Stays Home!


The World can not See The Madness that Afflicts it!

Fear God! Obey Christ! Repent or Perish!


They have ceremony gatherings by the thousands. Every week millions gather at churches and other religious places to worship. In some countries, God is virtually forced on you. 

But, as something that doesn’t look right usually isn’t, something that looks unnatural could actually be unnatural. And with religion and God, something just does not look right or natural. 

But does the World have the ability right now to rise up, and look at this, in a rational intelligent way. I am unfortunately not very optimistic that this will happen! Is it so hard to believe, something you don’t understand wants to kill you! No matter how many religions the Devil creates in this World? it still does not make it a natural occurrence!

The cunningness of the Devil and the Betrayers is staggering! Once you realize what you are looking at! They have infiltrated (infected) every aspect of our existence!

The Devil is a very Cunning Enemy!

 It has Taking Controlled of this World, that is to say. It has Stopped Our Father and Mother from having access to the planet. The Devil does Not have Complete Control of the Planet. If that were the case I Wouldn’t Be Posting This! If the Devil Continues to go Unstopped, Complete Control, Will Be A Reality. In the Cunningness of the Devil, It has been Able to Compromise from Our Father’s Side a group actively involved in  Terraforming this Solar System.  It Has Found A Way To Get Five Billion People To Worship it. (Not counting all the other religions) Without anyone having a clue of what the Devil has done. The Devil has found a way, to Use Us and this Planet’s Natural Resources to Kill Our Father and Mother and all of Us.

You cannot fight an enemy if you do not know this enemy exists. You cannot defend yourself if you refuse to admit the enemy exists.

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