Old Puppy Man!

Let me point something out?

You know you’re worshiping a killer! 

A mass murderer! 

Old Puppy Man! 

The guy you’re mesmerizingly on your knees worshiping!

 Never Created Any Puppies!

Look at the beauty! The beautiful things in life!

And look at the thing that demands you get down on your knees and worship it! And praise its name! The Thing that threatens to torment and kill all that will not love it! All that will not obey! Men, Women, Children, Mothers holding Babies! The Betrayers stand beside it! Unmoved! Their minds focused on what they desire most.

It is Hate and Jealousy of Our Father (who through science discovered the how-to of puppies) that holds you captive. That you praise! That threatens to kill your loved ones!

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