A Walk Down Madness Street!

Honey, it’s the Catholics!

Let’s just say the Devil owns the Catholic Church. The Protestants say this all the time. And if that’s the case why would the Devil say, Gods an Alien Race and he’s coming here in a Spaceship.

The spin on Aliens

I’m taking a walk down Madness Street! Pondering a bit of Madness that I see!

There’s a God, that a big part of the population worships, and he comes with a Devil. And somehow this Devil is supposed to deceive you, so what’s he supposed to do. I’m walking down Madness Street, and I hear about Aliens possibly being out there. And they tell me the Catholic Church seems to believe that too. They say they might be coming, they might be the Savior from God.

But why is there a Man, Billions follow telling you, Extraterrestrials from God are Coming.

So what could possibly be happening here? God needs a “Bad Guy” to go with the name isn’t it true? And what are the Devil’s options, how could he possibly raise the troops! Maybe a spaceship with Androids, complete with Mad Mag to entertain you! , are the Savior Aliens, that are going to appear to you. And everybody will fall for them and believe what they say is true, but then things start to fall to pieces. And God will come blasting through! He wastes no time telling you what’s the Devil had just tried to do. And if he hadn’t gotten here in time, he just would have to.

Now you have your God standing in front of you. And he’s just been a hero taking out the bad guys for you! You’re told by your God to worship. What is it he wants you to do?  

If the Devil is going to stick to the play, he needs a figure to motivate a vast number of people, an Alien Savior, from the Stars would fit that bill. The “Alien agenda” is a heavily pushed subject with a number of different angles. From one super alien race to being surrounded by multiple alien races! What could possibly be the purpose of all this manipulative thought? It’s interesting how, whenever they talk about the Aliens they always bringing up advanced technology. Technology for a purpose! There’s no easier way to introduce Technologies that bypass needed Avenues of psychological (mental) growth! Perceptions of Awareness, Consciousness, Technical Growth!

Technology; you believe, this has moved in a natural normal way. But the reality, the truth is, there are other ways science could have advanced technology. We have been deliberately pushed into a specific technological entrapment!  

 Now, while walking down Madness Street! I have a crazy thought? What if the purpose of the Aliens, was not just so God would have a reason to appear! But to leave you a little technology, you know to help you alone!

You think the Devil’s going to use mysticism you think the Devil has magical powers, Given by God but that’s just not the case. It’s not Magic, the Devil has power, but the power he has comes from technology! Our Father built this technology! The Devil, and Christ, have possession of it, and they know how to use it!

This is something that should be taken very seriously! When you understand that there’s no God, and the Devil is calling the shots! The implication that you’re being told aliens exist, in order to create a scenario, becomes alarmingly realistically feasible! The World will not understand, that the Devil and Christ are the extraterrestrials they’ll (of course) hide this knowledge! The Devil is going to be able to easily spin this! An example would be the absoluteness in which People are professing God and speaking of him in total absolutes when there’s no reasonable logical reason for them to be behaving like they do. Now you transfer this enthralled mindset of religious absoluteness with the emergence of Techno Wizards! (The Devil, Christ, Apostles) With a divinity cloak, whatever spin they put on the technology and the need to implement it will be easily conveyed to the gullible, manipulated worshipers!

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