Never Call A Quarter A Dollar. Gaia!

DOT…  To flatter our egos we’re so much smarter than you! To fill our pockets we’re too lazy and sleazy to work! To fill your head with lies! To make it easy for the Devil when it comes to kill you!…Com


  A  premier platform for the study of Compulsive liars, Pathological liars, and Sociopaths! And their inability to feel ashamed of yourself!*

More important than that is the understanding that this is a platform of lies and manipulation the Devil and a compromised group of betrayers that stands with the Devil are using! Using to assist in perpetuating the belief in the existence of God! And the importance of worshiping and obeying it. 

I’m Telling You What The Scientist, The Alien Enthusiast, The Religious Have/Are Encountering! And The Mistake They Are Making Their In. Like the Religious there are sincere Cosmicity Spielers, all are being deceived by the same group! Don’t be deceived, wake up, don’t be so silly. Ask the tough questions Try to step back reassess. See how all is designed to fill your head with lies, false directions! Keep you unaware!


They use the word like it’s their own. They flaunt it like it’s a pillar of wisdom, for their wisdom! But there’s something they should know while they spew their lying nonsense for dollars and ego! We are under a multi-frontal attack and Gaia is one of their weapons! The name and stories within it were made up a long time ago by a group of betrayers planning to take control! For them, to attempt to pull this off, they still have to put the pieces together! The proliferation of perceptions perspective is a vital component, as the religious will fall for visions of Christ appearing in the sky! The atheist will as easily fall for aliens appearing in spaceships! The belief in extraterrestrials is a key component in the Devil’s and this group’s plan. Confusion, lies, disbelief would not benefit a loving nurturing Planet! Or caring benevolent extraterrestrials! A loving God who was supposed to be saving you from an entity of extreme evil. But now it is threatening to kill you with poison bombs!  The only thing confusion, lies, misrepresentation, misdirection benefits are malicious intent! They play their little parts well. Don’t be deceived by the puppets! 

It’s a big universe bring a towel.

* You should be ashamed of yourself. Too bad you’re so dead inside. I have a low tolerance for nonsense. For those that knowingly spew their lies. The world’s in a bad way, in a way they don’t have a clue about. But you don’t care about that. I shouldn’t rant but you know, I don’t like Smug Liars. You think you are so smart playing the uninitiated! But you are nothing but a puppet. You’re not anywhere near as smart as you think you are and You look astronomically stupid and scuzzy to those that know. When the World wakes up! You’re going to look really lacking. This is what the Devil has done to you, to the World. We’ve all been Victims of the Devil’s Manipulations.

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