Angels created blameless.

Sin Apple! Apple Sin! So what’s this nonsense! Angels created blameless and sinless!

With No imperfection, created by the will of God, to know instantly the will of God. One day decided to stand against the most powerful being ever seen in their existence!  Everyone’s buying into this nonsense! You don’t think it’s a mental illness! You don’t think it’s an attack on the faculties of your mind, that you buy into this garbage! The Devil’s laughing! Wouldn’t You!

There Are No Angels there is no God this is a total fabrication from an entity that was never an angel covered in jewels! And called the most beautiful being in heaven!

The Devil overcome with a sense of pride. Then all the Angels jumped up and decide to be afflicted with pride and stand against the most powerful being ever seen in their existence! That brought them into existence by the will of his word! Come on people let’s get up to speed here! This is a giant red flag and your lapping up this idiocy like puppy dogs!

The Devil realized he was backing himself into a corner with the story on his time in heaven and the Rebellious Angels that’s why the explanation on the Angels and the Devil’s Rebellion is Limited. But this was no problem for the Devil he just left it to speculation! It was not pride that motivated the Devil it was extreme hate and jealousy. That alone is the Devil’s motivation he has no desire to be God! He is planning to assume that role for his plan of manipulating you!

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