Damon mentally attacked by the Devil! Another victim of the Devil, when will you see, this isn’t a fantasy!

Damon T. Berry is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer known for writing and directing, “The Knowledge Of The Forever Time. Damon is Educated in the entertainment fields, and that’s reflected in how he presents his videos. Unfortunately, you get a lot of narrative with his presentations in his attempt to make it entertaining as well as educational.

“The Knowledge Of The Forever Time” He talks about the pyramids like he’s exposing hidden knowledge. These Pyramids have been analyzed backward and forwards, upside down, they’ve been weighed, measured, counted, divided, multiplied, longitude, latitude, they’ve been looked at from every angle by numerous people some with intense fanaticism, you can be sure of that.

What you are experiencing in these videos is not unknown and hidden knowledge; it is the Devil working the Extra-Terrestrial angle once again! As I’ve stated in a previous post, the Devil is not propagating extraterrestrials just for something to say; this is a well-thought-out vital component of his entire plan.

There are a lot of falsehoods in what this man sincerely presents; one is the afterlife. People who died that committed evil, do not get demonic powers that can possess and manipulate you; this is a blatant lie! This is their (devil) contempt pushing the envelope!

I chose this particular video because it exposes some of the Devil’s modus operandi.

He speaks of hidden knowledge! But, it’s not what he is saying, that’s hidden secret knowledge! The secret knowledge is, The chair of power! This is a signature stamp of authenticity, and this is a telltale sign that he is being assaulted! The Devil is breaching his mind using the chair of power! Heightened emotion and being made to drop to your knees is a common ploy of theirs.

For those of you who have not seen any of my posts on the chair of power. What I am speaking of is appropriated technology, that the Devil and the betrayers have in their possession. This technology is extremely powerful and damaging used primarily for the manipulation of the intended victims and their emotions!

Crying and crying, he couldn’t stop his emotions, and he couldn’t get control of his emotion! He fell to his knees, crying and crying, and then he professed God! And then he saw a vision of two Angels coming to him and appearing to take his soul from him. With his emotions being intensified, he was overcome and started a crying fit again. After this encounter he went home, he begins to explain that he lays down to go to sleep, within a very short time he’s woken up! This again is a common ploy of the Devil’s, deprivation of sleep, mental manipulation; he starts seeing visions again. Damon starts talking to his cousin, trying to explain what’s happened. His cousin and his family have no understanding of what he’s experiencing? This is understandable, the Religious community, like the rest of the World, does not know about what is happening, or the manipulative powers the devil possesses.

The chair of power is a weapon he uses selectively when the intention is to keep the victim alive! The Devil is extremely vindictive and sick, and he uses this technology quite often! But there is little information on this, because the intended victims mostly end up dead, usually by Suicide. He speaks about communicating with a being he believes is God, and he talks about walking with this being. He speaks of him being very large; a manipulation of their projection causes this! There are references in our history of Gods being much bigger than the people, Doman speaks of another trick of the devil’s, that I haven’t heard spoken of, this one rightfully caused him some Severe mental confusion. The disconcertment is that he is responding to something that he cannot hear! Although he doesn’t stay (I believe) in this video, you hear the question right after you answer the question! This is, of course, quite disconcerting.

People have no idea of the serious danger that we are in! They cannot comprehend what’s happening; it seems preposterous, to say the least. They do not understand what the Devil is trying to achieve, what is actually at stake! The chair of power is extremely powerful, dangerous technology, the primary weapon the Devil has used to thrust religion through the Ages.


  1. Shame on you! Just like all the other ^Do gooders^ you wait until the Man is Dead before you attack him. He was right about one thing though…there is evil in this world and YOU are surely a representative of it. I do not want a response but I can see from your ramblings the temptation to ^Preach^ may be tar too tempting for you to resist.


  2. Thanks for your comments and the other thing I have to say is that our government has all kinds of mind control and this is what I have come to believe what Damon berry was going through.


  3. I’m searching for Mr Damon T Berry. He has knowledge that is crucial for many to hear.
    I’m my entire being I know and feel he speaks the truth.
    We all deserve the truth.


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