I Need a Hero!

 What’s happening, to be clear, is Big! So you need to open your eyes to see it! What you’re looking at, is the same difference! So You need to open your mind, to understand it!

It’s hard to watch people, puppets really!

Work so diligently, to murder themselves!

I Need a Hero, but he’s got to be righteous and he’s got to be pure!

A lot of people want a savior to come out of thin air and save them! And that’s exactly what’s going to happen! Before your very eyes! And this being will have all the strappings, the words that soothe your mind! But he’s going to lead you on the path to destruction!

People run to others that tell them, they have all the answers. This page won’t make that claim. My message is basic, it’s on the front line of perceptions truth! I speak of deception, manipulation, of cold-blooded hate! I try to get you to see that your perceptions, your very self, has been violated and manipulated! All so that you’ll be manageable. I am just a doorman. I’m a messenger, my message is Serious, you’re being deceived, manipulated and conditioned, for a very evil reason.

I bring you a truth the World cannot comprehend! A truth about an evil that has encompassed the world.  At this time we stand alone and we need to stand together with the knowledge of what we are and the evil we are encompassed by. 

There’s a lot of people out there that have experienced the Devil, some are screaming at God! Most are worshiping God! But there’s no God! There is just the Devil, and the betrayer’s that stand with it. What is happening the essence of it is, the Betrayer’s want one thing! The Devil wants another! To kill Our Father! As the saying goes, I can only show you the door. You need to walk through it.

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