Nothing Fails Like Prayer


The World is so mentally manipulated that it cannot see the truth!

They say God’s in charge, have you noticed things keep getting worse. You don’t even have to go very far back in time. You can go back 10 years. 10 years ago God was going to fix everything then also. Did it happen, no! What did happen? God weaves further into Society. And those that commit atrocities, betray the people, they fade away and are replaced with new betrayers of the people. This is a controlled situation this is not a natural progression. A natural progression wouldn’t continuously face defeat. There’s no God, he is a lie! Perpetrated right in front of your eyes. Maybe it’s too big. Maybe it’s such an immensity. Maybe a manipulated conditioned mind could never encompass it. I lay out the truth I’m trying to bring awareness to the wise but such a surreal happening if you are not experiencing it, it’s hard to except. the damaged human condition created within us may make this almost if not  impossible.

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