Voices heard! You are not hearing God’s voice!

You know it’s rather ironic, that going on just what people say.

That non-believers, don’t believe that some people actually have somebody talking to them! That they are hearing someone’s voice in their head! And the ones that are, you know what I speak of. And you won’t accept what I’m saying, but I’ll say it anyway. The mind is fragile, it’s manipulated that way! It’s hard to admit you’ve been deceived, duped, played the fool. Call it what you will, but that’s what it’s going to take. There’s no shame, with what’s happened to you. It’s everywhere and everyone is engulfed within it!

You are not hearing God’s voice!

You are not hearing God’s voice! God’s an attack platform!

What you are experiencing, those in direct contact is a being consumed with hate. It is the Devil, Christ, and the Apostles, and Mad Mag, (it’s a cold computer, “thinks like a reptilian”). The callous coldness of this entity has been referenced before the time of computers, as reptilian in nature, (think A I with a screwy processor). The Devil is not an Emergence of the Bible, the Devil has Been Here! with Christ! and the rest for Thousands and Thousands of Years before the Bible was writing.

They’ve Had The Time! They Have Built Their Religious Attack Platform, Through Trial And Error! Our existence is in Jeopardy!


What you cannot comprehend, those that do not believe! (And those that do) Is what this being of hate is saying to different individuals how it’s presenting itself. Whether this is God the Devil or the you see anybody else guy whatever This is a serious problem, one that →can’t be ignored!← Unfortunately, this horrific reality will go unrealized. Any attempt to convey this message will confront ridicule.

You don’t know who you are! You don’t know what you are! You don’t know how you came to be! You don’t know where you are! You don’t know where you’re going! You don’t know where here is! You don’t know if you existed before now! You don’t know if you’ll exist after now! You say, you know what’s going on, you say you know everything! All you know is (what you believe) your mind tells you, you know!

Author: Father’s Appointed

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