I hear you’re looking for a savior well there’s one out there that wants to kill you. Well, actually he doesn’t really care if you are dead. It’s the one with him that does!  He’ll be showing up soon, sorta sometime in the future.

It’s a name like any other name.


Swirling in bull***** is good for my frown it helps it to face, face to the ground. I’m just chump change on the freight train. But I bring you a truth that the World cannot comprehend! A truth about an evil that has encompassed the world.  At this time we stand alone and we need to stand together with the knowledge of what we are and the evil we are encompassed by.

You think of the Devil as how he’s perceived as a being of its name.  And it’s the same with Christ he’s perceived as a being of his name but Christ is a name picked from a hat, sort of speak.

The Powers that be! The Scientist in positions need to step back, rethink what they are getting ready to embark on! There are powers in play you do not understand you are being deceived! There are numerous attacks we are under! We are being assaulted from numerous directions! Their intelligence is not to be underestimated!

The World Has Been Dummied Down And Numbed Up!

This is no entity of love that holds your child in its grip it is cold hate that prophesize  through your Children.

Your God Has No Honor!



Absurd, Ridiculous, Foolish, Stupid, Laughable.

These and many other like words are spoken by the majority of the people that read the content on this blog. They’re caught in a snare of Ignorance and Arrogance it’s all they can be.

You can say what you want but I’m the man that owns the mop.

Regardless This Blog Exists In An Attempt To Bring To Light The Truth Of What Is Happening. The World is being deceived; God’s A Weapon!  

Let me point out something; What they’re doing, is working! 

Hey great job, good looking out! Christ the betrayer! Sleeps good he does.

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