Extraterrestrials must be some seriously rich people!

General{GM} Mars: Upgrade Your Spaceship Today!

Car dealerships: Have nothing compared to Spaceship Sellers!

Come on in My Alien Friend you’ve Flown that Quad Zillion Billion Lithium Bar Starship Billions of Light Years Across the Universe!
Come on in! Stargazers! Planet Seeders! And get this year’s→ New Model← all Starships under 500 years accepted in trade

Used spaceships available, “offer void on third-world planets.”

( Luckily, there’s only one)

It would seem, “according to some” that, We’re the only planet in the entire universe that doesn’t know what’s going on! According to Some People? We’re Surrounded by Extraterrestrials from Numerous Worlds! Extraterrestrials that not only Seeded this World but are in a massive covenant government mining operation somewhere in our solar system!

Come on! What’s going on? 

We’ve got Metals! We can fly spaceships! What’s going on? Every extraterrestrial in the universe, every government official, every scientist that stands with them! Every pilot operating the spaceships? The guy mopping the floor all will stay silent while a Universal space operation goes on around us.

Do you have any idea how big the Universal is? 93 billion light-years! 

Why are they here, to pick up a shovel?

They sure are good at hiding from every honest extraterrestrial enthusiast. From every scientist in the entire world searching for extraterrestrial. And have been for numerous years, spending countless billions in the pursuit of! All just an Elaborate Facade so you won’t figure out you’re the only planet in 93 billion light-years!  That has a  social class of people being excluded from the Minerals Club! Elon, Bill, I’m not happy! I’m sure if I research it, somewhere they’ll tell me that their timid little things that don’t want to disturb us! Just take all our metals and dissect us at the blessing of the government!

All the scientists, the pilots, the janitor! And don’t forget the cook all Silent . No sale, that’s not the case! 

 Lies lies that’s what’s going on! 

Everyone can’t be right! But everyone can be wrong! And everyone, if the ruse is baffling enough if it’s immense enough, can be deceived! 

Don’t Believe The Lies! 

Lies from people with their own agendas! They have no idea that they’re being manipulated by a being of immense cold indifference consumed with hate for Our Father! Setting all up to die! This is an attack from extreme intelligence, using science, using highly advanced technology! Try stepping back, the World needs to look at this more seriously! More maturely! When Governments, Scientists can look at this Maturely, Seriously, they’re not going to like what they find. Some way, somehow, the World needs to break through the gaseous cloud of incomprehensibility and emotional immaturity that they have become submerged in.

Stand Up, People! Get Up Off Your Knees! And Fight Back Against The Lies Of The Devil! The Lies About Extraterrestrials Existing! The Lies Of God’s Existence! Before It’s Too Late!  

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