Is The Devil’s On God’s Payroll?

The way the Devil scares people into seeking God, it’s like he’s working for God!

Played and Played Again.

The Atheist likes to claim, they’re extremely intelligent, to imply that religious people are stupid. Their dazzling brilliance fades rapidly! In the face of reality!

The reality that they don’t have a clue what’s going on in the World! They don’t have a clue of the cold hard fact of the devil’s existence! The people that are moved by the devil’s spiritual ooze, to them these people can only look demonic. As the religious claim, possessed darkened Souls destined for hell!

Lookout! On the road ahead, there’s an atheist telling you to pay no attention to Religion, religious people, to give this silliness no consideration. The Devil manipulates on many fronts many levels, and the atheist is an unwitting accomplice in his plan of orchestrated division.

The question to ask? Is why does the Devil feel the need, within his plan, for the atheist, what purpose does he serve?


Up ahead, is an Atheist Activist!

They pop up like bankers when you deposit large sums of $ Money! The Atheist Activist stands at the crossroads, he’s there to point you in the right direction! To let you know there’s no need to pay attention to this silly nonsense! It’s all made up make-believe pay it no mind! Get on down the road.

Yeah! That’s Right Everyone Move Along!

There’s nothing to be Con-Cern!-Ed about.

It’s Not Like Anyone Wants To Kill You!

Well, there is that “One Guy!” But That’s None Of My Business!

And You “Don’t Care” About That Anyhow!

The Atheist is a diverse conscript The Atheist, the Religious, side by side, the Devil needs both to pull this off!

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