They never saw it coming!

They didn’t believe it! They never saw it coming! They don’t believe it now!

The last one is Mad ( in essence) Mag (Magdalene, Graham’s Goddess), and in case you’ve been in contact with the other one (Mary) that’s her too! I’d recognize that bitch anywhere! What needs to be understood is no matter what manifestation people believe they are in contact with it comes from the same group. 

When the World is contacted by extraterrestrials Mad Mag will most likely be one of them! 

And if that’s the case the World best watch out when she sets foot on the planet! I would advise blowing her up instantly! But I doubt they’ll be able to at that point, they’ll have that covered. And they’ll be so impressed they won’t want to anyhow! The thing to remember when this is happening. Is that the Devil will be behind the scenes turning the emotional dials on the People that meet them and adding thoughts!

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