God a tool of manipulation!

Come here little doggie.

You think religion was put here to control you. And you are right but that’s not the only reason. The reason is far more sinister far more cunning than the World can realize! 

You’re absolutely sure that you know what the Devil’s going to do because you read it in a book! The problem is God just like the “Religious Books” are created by this being of hate, the Devil. And contrary to the beliefs of billions, the Devil doesn’t have to follow what he’s written! You don’t know what the Devil’s planning to do! He may stick to the script because everybody is cooperating so well. And he may not, contrary to popular belief he’s not a puppet, he’s the Puppet Master!

Our Father, the one you think you’re praying too! The Devil believes he’ll be able to kill him! But Our Father’s not buying what the Devil’s sold you. 

The Devil, that everybody thinks is a joke, is strutting like a peacock, laughing his head off! He’s biting at the bit! He knows he has you, he doesn’t doubt this one bit. And he’s getting ready people the times closing in! 

They’re telling you that you’re waking up! They’re telling you, what you’re waking up to! As if this was new! As if nobody knew! 

When you really do “wake up,” you won’t need anyone to tell you! 

They tell you that God is a delusion of fools! The unobservant fool who speaks like they are the ultimate in intelligence, they are to the Devil an unwitting tool of manipulation. God a tool of manipulation held by a being of immense evil, hate!

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  1. Although, from a purely academic point of view, the Devil is less likely to kill you compared to the god of the Bible. There are only 10 references to the devil killing humans in the Bible. Whereas God kills millions. Seems god has had a better public relations team. If I was the devil, I’d sack my current PR team, and get some new folks in.

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