I have no magic wand.


You can choose to ignore me and walk away. Although I’d like you to understand the truth! I know something you are unaware of! I know some people are hearing a voice! I’m not talking about schizophrenia that most of you are convinced that’s all it could be (although it does exist). Or all the flakes, although some of them speak the truth (sort of). I’ve told you why I post for those who need to hear the truth? The ones that have been damaged and don’t know why by this entity of hate. But I also post to those that know they hear that voice. The ones in direct contact, the ones that are still living within its lies. I fight against the mental conditioning that’s so thoroughly holding you in control although you can’t see this truth. I can’t say what it says to you, it says many things, but you are deceived even though you can’t see it that way. Hopefully, you’ll see the truth. I have no magic wand of words that could bring you to see the truth! Only your intellect your inner wisdom can get you to this truth.

There are no demons! That is a concocted perception, of Manipulation! There’s no God, there is the Devil and a group of betrayers! A group of extremely malicious beings, pretty much like ourselves. They control all the believed sphere of spiritualism and religious spiritualism. Perceptions of perceived awareness, have people ensnared! All paths have been satirically placed by them, and clearly marked, which the People diligently follow.

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