This is not a Religious post!


The World is being deceived!

Cunning, twisted and consumed with hate!

The Religious, read the Devil’s words of Evil, Mental Manipulation, and get on their knees and call it a loving God. The Atheist sees that no God intervenes, therefore no God, no devil. The Devil worshipers read the Devil’s own words to come to an opinion of the Devil, and the Devil’s God.

Religious People say the World’s the way it is because we have sinned and fall short of God’s grace. If Christ, died to redeem us from our sins, why then is there No Divine Intervention? Why would a Loving God need to wait? Why, would their God, go through all that he did just to turn his back on all the Affected in the World?

A large number of people claim that God is communicating with them, either directly or through dreams! They accept without question that some kind of, all-encompassing, all-loving entity, would throw a diabolical being of hate, on this World. A World that he Created and Populated with People, who would have no defense against such a powerful entity of hate.

No one seems to be aware that the Devil has Locked us in the World with it, i.e “This Plane of existence.” The Devil has done this by stealing powerful technology Our Father’s Technology.

Our own technology, the Devil is using against us! This is why our Father and Mother are unknown and unable at this time to intervene. They also fail to realize that the Devil has created all the Religions of the World.

The religious, are so mentally enslaved, into the fabricated words of their religious books. The People, since this began have been manipulated their minds so violated, that they cannot see, that the Devil has deceived them! God is a fabrication, conjured up by the Devil for a reason. We are not dealing with a spiritual dilemma we are dealing with a technological assault. This is a multi-directional assault, do not consider this in just a religious content. The Devil is not limited to a religious platform. There is also the Extra-Terrestrial angle that’s being pushed on the public. The problem with God, Allah, Christ, Mutinying Angels of lust, Benevolent Extraterrestrials and Evil Extraterrestrials, is the fact that the pieces don’t fit! Their explanation for a cause is lame and their end requirements are lacking justification and yet they all think it makes perfect sense.

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