Beware of God!

Some of you are talking to an Entity, You believe is God!

Understand, that you’re in Serious Danger as is Every Person on this Plant!

Millions of People, that go/have gone to religious services have never encountered God, the Devil, or experience any kind of Supernatural occurrence, manifestation.

It will be hard to Impossible for you to accept what I’m saying. I understand why you will fight these words. I know this can be hard, but try to understand the being that you are talking to is not, the being you think he is. What you are/were dealing with is an Entity of Extreme hate! This Entity of hate, the Devil, will attempt to manipulate you. If this entity comes at you as God, as a rule, you are in no immediate Danger, the Devil Wants Something! He’s there to manipulate you, to cause it to happen he’ll be more inclined to handle you with kid gloves.

The Devil’s ways of approach are diverse and depends on whether he’s going to appear as God or the Devil. When he makes contact as the Devil, as a rule, he wants one or two things either to steer you to God or to Destroy You! If he has to, he will get extremely intense, he will become angry with you and elevate your fear levels.

The Devil may try to manipulate you into killing yourself, he may try to manipulate you into killing someone you know in the hopes of ruining your life.

One that he’s particularly fond of, is getting you to drown yourself in a river. If you can hear these words and You are able to know that they are true, as you grapple with this awareness understand. The only defense that You have to get you out of it, is Amusement,… Humor, as bizarre as that may seem. Laughter and thinking this is ridiculous is all there is that can/might break the technological hold the Devil has on you. This technique is for intensity attacks where the Devil plans to harm. If you should succeed, or the Devil is unsuccessful in killing you, the road to recovery is a difficult one, Good luck!

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