Stand Up People!


Stand Up People, Get Up! Off Your Knees! And Fight Back, Against The LIES of The Devil! The Lies Of God! Before It’s Too Late! No, Don’t Accept It! The LIES of the Devil, The LIES of God. You are More than they are Telling You! You Were! YOU Will Be Again!

 I’m nobody unless it’s trash day. But, I’m someone trying to speak some truth to you. You know, I’ve brought this up before. I talked to you, the ones that know what I say is somewhat of the truth! You feel you know more than others! One of the privileged few. But the being you’ve encountered has manipulated you to think that way! And although it may not seem it to you, this is a big deception, he’s just toying with you. Its mind works that way! There’s one thing you need to understand, (actually there’s a few) he doesn’t think like we do.

The Devil’s front-people, (in one cause) will tell you, people are delusional, this is of course somewhat true. When the Devil speaks, he speaks somewhat in truth! But that’s just, cause and effect, of the manipulation that’s happened to all of us! This doesn’t affect the ones, this being of hate contacts! This is a multi-frontal attack! Every time, the Devil does atrocities to the People of this World the Devil, throws this act of evil, of hate, in front of Our Father, and stands there and laughs, and taunts him! Unfortunately of this, you cannot understand or accept. Try to understand how it would be, if you were to stand and watch a being of hate, of evil intent, mock you, as he held your children and ripped them apart, in the name of God!

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