All right folks! It looks like God’s going to make it!
This is a great moment to be here! It’s incredible folks. And you are here to witness it!
God has a good hold on the football. “Look at God Go!”
Yes! Yes! Yes! God’s done it, folks! God has saved the Day!
No one and I mean, “NO ONE” can sell tickets year after year and Never Show Up!
No one… But God!
Don’t be played!
God is a Lie, a Deception for Manipulative Purposes! A Creation for a Heinously Horrific Act!

You’re An Impossibility! But There You Are! An Incredibility That Is! You Could Say, That People, As With All Life, A Miracle! But that doesn’t make a God indubitable any more than that makes this reality irrefutably our original point of origin! God is not your friend; he doesn’t care about you! God isn’t real! It’s a created persona by an extremely cold group! That has no plans to save devout worshipers! They plan to kill everyone and start new. With new devoted worshipers who have no clue what transpired before their arrival much like the people of today. They’ll be wondering though, why? Life is so horribly cruel. They’ll be wondering why? They are subjected to such an extremely cold, cruel group of indifference! And then they will die into nothingness! From a World, where the Atheist Activist (who is no longer needed) will finally be right!

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