Scientists they’ll never realize it!


Scientists are getting pretty good with technology.

But they’ll never realize they’re being attacked by it! They’ll never grasp that the technology being used against them is powerful enough to nudge a planet! 

I going to try to explain something, even though I know it won’t do any good. You were raised in a small bubble, oh you want to a place or two. They sent you to school, You went on to learn about math and science, it’s just something easy for you to do! You listen to the masses, you know they could never enlighten you. You know that atheism is the smart thing, the obvious truth! But you’re doing something you are unaware of, and you’ll refuse to believe it’s true! You’re helping the Devil, he’s an educated atheist, just like you! You’re helping him in his attempt to kill Our Father, Our Mother! The rest of us he’ll kill also, but that’s just for giggles and laughs! But there’s one other thing, you don’t know about Our Father, he is an Atheist to! 

Eventually, you’ll know the truth, but right now he has problems with a being of immense evil and compromised uncaring betrayers!

Listen to how the scientists speak, it’s coming right out of their mouths. That they’re onto a way to break-in to other dimensions. A dimension with above and beyond beings of indifference!

Now, why do you think that is? Just the luck of the times Maybe?

They are being played but they’re sure they’ve hit the glory load! 

So they’ve discovered the Devil and the Betrayers that stand with him! And they think they’ve found the Saviors of the World! But they don’t understand they didn’t find him, he brought them to him! They say the entities they’re talking to are neither good or bad, that they are indifferent, they just don’t care! Sound familiar? This is just one more step in the Devil’s plans and the atheist scientists, impressed with their intellect have signed on board. They think they know what others can’t understand, but they have no understanding of what is really going on! They cannot fathom the immense evil of the beings there attempting to interact with! They believe they’ve accomplished this on their own merit, but in actuality, they’re dancing like puppets to the Devil’s tune! And the World Sleeps On!

I’m not on commission, I don’t have to sell it. I put it out there for the ones that can understand. I write my post for those who need or want to know the truth. I need not convince everybody, unlike the Devil, Our Father, and Mother Don’t Need Slaves! Nor would they want any. 

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