Tragic! Tragic! Trudge….

God/Devil: Where are you going to? You’re going to pound against my wall again, aren’t you?

FA: Like you don’t know.

God/Devil: Let’s see, you’ve been there how many times now? Do you know? I’ve been keeping count it’s quite a lot!

FA: Write it in Your book.

God/Devil: What do you hope to accomplish? You know you only look the fool.

FA: Wake people up.

God/Devil: Have you seen the size of my wall? It must be tiring pounding on the wall all the time? Nobody hears you! I told you my wall is very thick, and everybody’s sound asleep!

FA: I’m optimistic.

God/Devil: You know yourself the walls are super thick. And I’ve been at this for thousands of years. I see you tried my other one pretty impressive don’t you think?

FA: We’ll see.

God/Devil: You know, you don’t have any chance, any chance at all. I’ve got them all in a trance! There isn’t anything they won’t do for me! Anything I ask! I’ve done it many times! Would you like to see?

FA: I’ve heard you laughing at them! I know what you’ve done! You’ve done very cruel things!

God/Devil: They won’t believe you anyhow! I have them all in a trance praying down on their knees, worshiping me! And I’m not even there! How are you going to fight that? They will kill themselves if I tell them to! They’ll even Kill for Me! You don’t have time! And they still cannot hear your warning maybe you should try a bullhorn ha, ha.

FA: That you have tried to kill me, and are trying to discourage me I find encouragement. We’ll see some are light sleepers! And time is whats running out for You!  And you forget it’s not about me! 

Forces of manipulative hate unseen! This is what I stand against.  I face two immense walls of manipulated conditioned thought! I seek to breach the unbreachable! To reach that which is unreachable! We cannot progress further in our present state of thought. People have been bombarded without relent. A carefully planned immense Fabrication to keep you off balance and inline. And to prevent the truth from emerging. God is a creation of theirs for the reason of controlling you. To accomplish the desire of the Devil which is to kill Our Father!

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