The Angry Atheist!

One wonders to the left, another to the right. Both are equally in error, but, are seduced by different delusions.” – Horace

Atheist, like Religious People, Cannot Be Reasoned With!

The Atheist sees Religion as a man-made concept to control People. They see that religion is organized by cultural demand. They see religious people as brainwashed, succumbing to peer pressure.

The Atheist sees the hateful snobbish ways some of the Religious groups/people are. They see how the religious demand that all must live by their standards and their standards alone. They see how the religious are always trying to force their religion on the school children. And they feel the need to speak out. They post anti-religious memes they write anti-religious posts they try to reason with the religious with logic and they don’t understand why logic will not work. I also write anti-religious post. The difference between me and the atheist activist is that I know my posts will have no effect. I post to you, the atheist too, but it will have the same effect as it has on the religious, and I know this before I do it, also. So why do I do it! “Optimism with reality”  I understand something that the atheist cannot understand and like a religious person they will not accept. I know that the atheist cannot reach the religious because religion is a psychological affliction. What the atheist needs to understand is they’re dealing with a mental attack, and this is the root of why you cannot make any headway.

And unfortunately, the atheist cannot accept this truth, because they are also a victim of this attack. A manipulation! Oblivious to what’s unfolding in front of them!

We are under attack in a very cunning and deceitful way!

In more than one way this is a multi-frontal attack, encompassing the entire World, are very essence has been altered! The attackers, also use close and direct methods. Our enemies will use direct contact and they will use Mental manipulation through technology.

These techniques are used on the atheist as well as the religious with different programming’s If only the Atheist and the Religious, could become aware of what has happened and is happening to them, they would be able to see this phenomenon unfolding in front of them. But unfortunately at the moment, the World is as dumb as a rock! Unaware of what is happening to them! What has encompass them!

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