It’s that time of year, For Prophecy Man!


It’s that time of year, For Prophecy Man!

Twelve prophets couldn’t hold a candle to me!

I’m Prophet Supreme!

I make predictions I’m psychic, I have a crystal ball. I have potions and small bags of protection, white candles! I cover it all.

But wait that’s not all I can tell you your future from a deck of cards it’s nothing won’t take a minute, let me Shuffle the deck, what did you get?

Death! Hey don’t worry, they say it just means your moving on.


And that’s where you’ll be if you keep believing all this nonsense you hear. If people could get there by crossing their legs, we’d already be there! You can’t see the future-gazing into a glass ball. It doesn’t exist! We haven’t got there, even if it’s not that far. Death is coming if we keep believing their lies! If we allow the words they’re speaking, in searching  Minds to Control Our Lives! You’ll find nobody there in the Mystic realms, but those who are placed there to be found.

I’ll tell you because I’m psychic, Prophecy Man! And listen good, they’re there to “take you down!” 

I see one of immense hate! He hides behind another cloaked in Wonder and Brilliance that it does not possess! They come to deceive the huddled masses lead them to Eternal Death!

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