David Wilcock claims the Devil’s an artificial intelligence

He claims the Devil’s an artificial intelligence, that’s taking over a race of Reptilian Extraterrestrials!

This is a cut clip of an interview from coast to coast.

David speaks of the Devil, but he spins him, on a pseudoscience Alien theme, claiming the Devil is nothing more then accumulated *Nanobots, created by a highly advanced, ancient alien race! David claims these nanobots are a component of the artificial intelligence that they created and somehow became aware and evil!

David is a manipulated victim of the Devil. This is of course a lie!

No difference from the Devil’s, biblical God lie. A book that David is actively pushing in this video!

This is deceptive evil at work!

The Devil is pushing the “Extraterrestrial Angle” for a reason. It is erroneous to brush this off as simpleton fantasy and amusement.

There is an atrocity of wrongs with what this man is saying and has been saying for a number of years and unfortunately, he has convinced many people with these dishonorable Fabrications! David presents himself as being enlightened, But David is more an empowered slickster! With an immensity of erroneous information.

As with everything the Devil does there are truths mixed in the lies

The Devil is a cunning manipulator, And this is the Devil and the betrayer’s working with a unaware(Of the manipulative force that controls him) but willing Presentator to disperse disinformation.


A hypothetical, very small, self-propelled machine, especially one that has some degree of autonomy and can reproduce.

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