David Wilcock, claims to be a channeler of an Alien Race!

According to David Wilcock and Corey Goode, we’re the only Planet in the Entire Universe that doesn’t know what’s going on!

David in conjunction with Corey, tells an outrageously elaborate story of extraterrestrial contact. They go into detailed exploits of what the Aliens are doing. And why they are so actively involved with this World! They claim the “powers that govern the world” have been working extensively with these extraterrestrials.

David Wilcock, claims to be a channeler of an Alien Race, a spokesman for Races of Aliens. He also claims to receive his information through Prophetic dreams. David in association with Corey Goode, have been posting numerous videos. Claiming that we are surrounded by many different races of extraterrestrials some of them benevolent others evil! According to David, the Extraterrestrials want him and Corey Goode to reveal their existence to the World! Instead of the mainstream news outlets. David and Corey claim this is because of the dedicated work that they have done. He makes no mention as to why, the extraterrestrials would not pick people, who have dedicated their lives to professional fields of scientific research. And institutions such as the ones listed here.

Parkes Observatory in Australia, China’s aperture telescope, Harvard University, Italy’s University of Bologna, NASA’s Kepler telescope, Project Phoenix, SETI Institute, University of California Berkeley— Breakthrough listening, received a 100 million funding in 2015.

At the forefront of some of this research is Dr. Avi Loeb. The theoretical physicist is the chair of Harvard’s astronomy department. He’s also the chair of the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee. The heavily funded group is actively searching for alien life. There’s also Philip Lubin, a professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who has a lot of space-laser experience. Lubin is a key player in the $100 million Breakthrough Starshot program, which aims to develop a spaceflight system composed of lasers and tiny, sail-equipped spacecraft. Or Jill Tarter the inspiration for the Jodie Foster contact film.

Why would the Aliens choose book writing, video posting, extraterrestrials enthusiast, seminar speakers? And pass up people who would spend a hundred million dollars in the pursuit to locate them?

David’s a seasoned speaker, who likes to project to his audience that he’s a regular guy. Although his,” I’m a grub-like you, overplayed open-Subliminals are a little annoying. The fact that his demeanor suggests he’s on a freeroll, leads some people to believe he’s some sort of government manipulator

Get your ticket and come on in.

They cover every angle, exploit and contaminate!

Perverse, Twisted! Contemptuous Snake Oil Salesman, from way back when. They’ve come a long way since the days of selling Magic potions and the Aluminum siding scams in the south and southwest in the fifties and sixties, and now they have found the Alien enthusiast. There are all kinds of scam artists in the World. Within this world of scam artists, there is a class of people that adhere to a scamming science of “astronomical preposterous immensity of exuberant lying!” And David is running in the company of such people. David and Corey Goode are very good at projecting to their listeners that what they are telling you, is the “absolute truth.”Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. They offer elaborate and fantastic accounts of extraordinary exploits. Which are completely false and then pretending to their listeners that their ideas are factual.

However, they do not show you any actual pictures! What they do show you, is drawings and paintings that they shamelessly psychotically describe as, and expect you to believe, are actually real photos. They talk about the elaborate spaceship activities going on all around the Earth. To explain, their way around, how the Aliens go undetected by the numerous astronomy and extraterrestrial enthusiasts, some with highly sophisticated observational equipment. They claim this is done by elaborate cloaking systems that mimic Cloudy Skies during the day and Starry Backgrounds at night, keeping the World totally unaware that we are surrounded by numerous extraterrestrials involved in a joint Mining and research operations with an undisclosed but supposedly long-established Earth Space Force! Although Corey has also said that extraterrestrials spaceships have been seen by some civilian astronomers and that some recordings had been made but he didn’t elaborate any further.

The Law of One (The Ra Material). The material, which was channeled by L/L Research between 1981 and 1984. David uses the Ra material, stating he receives telepathic messages from them. David and the people he’s with have a problem within the construct of their Fabrications with the Ra material. To get around this problem David claims the extraterrestrials have informed him that the original  Channelers corrupted the I Am Ra material for their own purposes! Something I’m sure David and the group he’s running with, would never do.

Can I get a witness, how about two! David Wilcock and Corey Goode claim they’ve been authorized to bring certain information to the Public’s awareness.

According to David and Corey the extraterrestrials want us to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. Claiming you must have an enhanced concept of loving and receptiveness in order to be allowed to ascend. Like Religion, they try to package this as something wholesome to ensnare you into their control!

So what could be going on here? One thing, the Devil has definitely put a lot of time into, besides all the Religious teachings, is the Alien Angle! With David, the devil has used his enthusiasm for manipulating reasons. The bottom line with Corey’s descriptions, is there to outrageously orchestrated . The devil’s bag of tricks isn’t that good. This is a case of pathological lying, money-grabbing, and the right degree of manipulative contact. The Devil never gives more than he has to.

There’s a bluebird
(There’s a rainbow)
There’s a bluebird on your windowsill
There’s a rainbow in your sky
There are happy thoughts, your heart to fill
Near enough to make you cry
  • Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. Pseudologia Fantastica, a tendency to tell extravagant and fantastic falsehoods centered about the storyteller, who often comes to believe in and may act on them. A person with pseudologia fantastica effectively weaves a fabric of lies in a dramatic style. Mythomania; The tendency to lie, exaggerate, or relate incredible imaginary adventures as if they had really happened.

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