Recognize this face?

Recognize this face? Of course, you do! It’s the most known face in the Entire World! There is a very real, very sinister reason that they are pushing this face into your psyche!

Brahma, the Creator. …Vishnu, the Preserver. …Shiva, the Destroyer. … Christ… Allah/God!

Everybody thinks the devil’s in the works!… But just with the other guy!

We are experiencing a multi-facet assault, from coffee cups to cartoons!

The World wants a Guru with all the answers, this will not happen! a Superman to save them! The Prophet the Holy Man the Guru can never give you wisdom! They can never bring you to enlightenment, a highest self, all the truth!

The Devil and “the group that stands with him” controls the Psychic Realm anything you receive from them! All that you read is from them, they control the Corporeal Realm! They control the metaphysical they control the science!

We are, trapped in something bigger than we can understand! But are we, trapped in something bigger than we can overcome?

They are cold, cunning and calculated and they believe they cannot lose!

The Devil is using All Religion as a weapon! understanding why is Important.

You want a Superman, a Savior, a Guru to lead you, a Psychic to inform you! This is the fantasy world they have conditioned you to. 

My message is about the deceit that encompasses the World. We are at this time in a very dangerous position no help can burst on the scene to save the world at this time. We must stand with the knowledge that we have been deceived and manipulated. That at this time we are cut off and no help can reach us yet. To confront this we must stand together in a higher knowledge of ourselves. 

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