The Two Witnesses!

There are three primary viewpoints on the identity of the two witnesses in Revelation: (1) Moses and Elijah, (2) Enoch and Elijah, (3) Two Unknown Persons?

Can you hear me, Major Tom?

From the availability, and discovery of other writings, a new interpretation of a different belief is emerging! There are those, in religious movements that believe the Bible speaks of Aliens – Extraterrestrial involvement, intervention. Within the Extraterrestrial sphere, the spokesman is claiming the extraterrestrials are here to help us in our spiritual journey.

The problem, the Religious, and E.T. enthusiast are having is they’re unable to see the magnitude of the lie they’re encompassed within. The results are they’re reasoning with erroneous understandings.

Within the construct of their reasoning is their belief that they’re working with infallible truths! When in fact they’re working with absolute lies!

One of the major obstacles is in the belief that “a God” is orchestrating what is unfolding. Within this reasoning they have designated the Devil to nothing but a mere puppet, that has to stick to the script.

Understanding the Devil, and the immensity of the lies he has imprisoned you in, and why the Extraterrestrials are needed is difficult to grasp. The Devil needs the Extraterrestrial element to make his plan work. And a good way of introducing this is in manipulating the two witnesses into claiming Extraterrestrials are here to help us on our journey to God!

Realize, there is a conglomeration of fabrication that the World is ensnared in! Religious leaders, Government leaders, Extraterrestrial spokesman, all are being contacted and in communication with the same Entity! (Group). Christ, the Devil, Extraterrestrials, and God (a fabrication), are all connected, and this fiasco is beginning to emerge!

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