Maybe I’m a nut with nothing to do?

Maybe I’m a nut with nothing to do?

Maybe I crave attention?

Maybe I like to be ridiculed?

Maybe The local church people were mean to me?

Maybe I want to sell a book, How about “You have been had” for a title.?

Maybe I don’t like to see parents burying their children. Maybe I don’t like walking into a Children’s hospital or any Hospital and watch them suffer and die.

While half the World tells me that a loving God is sitting in there living room and going to pay their bills. Maybe I just don’t like being told that God is love, and will love me, “if and only if,” I will worship him! Maybe I have alternative reasons?

Maybe I just don’t like what is happening in Our World!

Maybe I know something.!

Maybe I have had experiences over many years with entities of evil intent! and I’m trying to tell you. Maybe I know you have been Deceived! Manipulated! Maybe I know You are being used by Evil, for the sole purpose of annihilating all of us!

Maybe you can find a way to escape your manipulated mindset! And See, Hear and Understand Exactly What’s Happening!

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