Christian Visions and Miracles Are…ANTICHRIST (Revelation 16:14) | Dr. Gene Kim

The chart man cometh! There’s a couple of chart man running around, they like to cover the bases.

According to Kim; you have to believe what you believe before you believe what you believe or you’re deceiving yourself about your belief.. ok!

He says God’s a bloody God he’s got that one right. Except for it being a god!

It seems according to the religious the Devil is showing up in the persona of Christ just so everybody can die in hell together! 

 What exactly is the devil supposed to be fighting with a magic wand! 

Kim wants you to believe that it’s, all-encompassing Important to the devil to enthrall a multitude of people to kill one another! The purpose vague and pointless when the enemy, that which you seek to kill is Cosmic Infiniteness.

It’s, a tricky web, that’s been weave through the fabric of society Where is the devil going? why is he appearing as Christ? 

Understand the Bible warns of encounters tells you you must absorb yourself in Scripture! And multitude grasps this understanding. But whereof it are they learning this understanding?  From the very ones that seek to manipulate and destroy them. The ones that seek to manipulate them in their desire to kill Our Father and Mother.

Have no misunderstanding this discombobulation in religion is all they’re doing, this works to their advantage. The Devil even if it may look so, never does anything that he does not believe is in his best interest. 

The Devil is going to be able to easily spin this! An example would be the absoluteness in which People are professing God and speaking of him in total absolutes when there’s no reasonable logical reason for them to behaving like they do. 

With a divinity cloak, whatever spin they put on People’s understanding of religion it will be easily conveyed to the gullible, manipulated worshipers!

Remember there are numerous religions and a large number of religious denominations each believing their version to be the only true version. Something Christ will quickly clarify

Getting everybody on the right track. The track to death!

Swirling in discombobulation you need to understand what you’re dealing with! You’re dealing with a group of betrayers that are far smarter than anyone else on the planet. They are psychology majors incomparable! Their encounters with carefully chosen victims as God Christ the Devil, and malevolent or benevolent extraterrestrials Is a proliferation, reinforcement maneuver. They wrote the book they call the shots their not worried about your misunderstandings, in fact, they’re counting on them.

If they could only see the truth of it; we are in serious danger! And we must rise to a higher self If we are to have any hope of defeating this horrific act of evil.

Gene is credited somewhere as being a highly educated person so I feel the need to say something really intelligent here…… I’ve got nothing? 

I see this scenario constantly on both sides of the spectrum highly educated people who can analyze, scrutinize every aspect. Get into the minutest details of it all and never grasped how far off from the truth they are.

Kim believes the devil and demons are speaking through rock music and this is true sometimes blatantly so! But Kim doesn’t realize the devil is not only speaking through rock music but all types all forms of music. He’s also manipulating the public and spreading lies through Kim’s mouth! Something Kim would refuse to accept. And you’ll never convince him that the demons are Christ and his Apostles! As far as that goes Kim’s in the company of billions!

He listed a whole mess of scriptures to lookup check them for yourself if you want; personally I think I’ll take the dog for a walk instead.

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