### God talked to Me! ###

Religious People, do not understand who/what the Being they call God, really is!

The People that say, God talked to them! He said this,, and that are sincere. (Not counting the ones that falsely claim this for a number of reasons).

Where they make their mistake, why they believe they are talking to God (actually a Mentally Disturbed Being!). It is their inability to comprehend that the Devil would Promulgate/Perpetuate/immortalize a loving God.


It’s used to imprison your mind from the truth.

Religion and God are lies of the Devil.

Ideas they want you to think, you are constantly subjected to.

There is no damnation for sin there is no hell. They are tools of manipulation. Fear is a constant tool used by the Devil.

Fear God, obey. The World cannot see it!

An outraged indifferent unapproachable God benefits no one but the Devil.

This is why you’re told, You are Unworthy.

This is why you’re told, You have to Worship. This is why you’re told you have to Beg. This is why You, have to ask God to Enter You. You’re Being Mentally Conditioned, You’re Being Deceived.

You need to ask yourself why would God be an indifferent unapproachable Being. Who, does an unapproachable God benefit?

We Are In Serious Danger People!

We Are In Serious Danger People! If only they could grasp the true horror, it has ensnared the modern mind, this atrocity they cannot Comprehend! People cannot understand the severity of the violation that confronts them.

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