Praising Angels of lust!

Somebody must have been passing out apples in Heaven!

The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.

How is it that God who supposedly wants absolute perfection. How is it that sin and lust existed in his Heavenly Realm! God is ready willing and able to torment and kill someone over sin but oddly enough it was okay in heaven!

But are like angels!

Question: “Who / what were the Nephilim?”

Answer: The Nephilim (“fallen ones, giants”) were the offspring of sexual relationships between the sons of God and daughters of men in Genesis 6:1–4 Sexual relationships with young women!

It seems God “the, I can do no wrong guy!” was falling apart all over the place! Maybe he spent too much time in the garden!

Answer Number Two: If you’re going to believe garbage! If you insist on believing they dug up a head the size of most automobiles! If you’re going to believe angels! Who were created to know instantly the will of God and had no need for reproductive organs because they were in the Heavenly Realm they didn’t have a planet! You want to believe they were flying around heaven having lust clusters! Then the Devil has definitely succeeded in mushing your brain!

You believe all the ridiculous nonsense Religion! God! We are under attack your brain is being assaulted by an evil entity!

Angels do not breed with humans and have super giant babies! Angels are a lie of an Evil entity that has you eating out of the palm of his hand! Devil Seed spread throughout the world again if the Devil was an Angel (they don’t exist) that would be beyond his ability but the devil is not an angel it’s a mentally Disturbed Entity, in and of itself which makes that also an impossibility.

Supposedly angels are all standing around God going Glory Glory Glory Hallelujah and all that stuff over and over and over where do they have time to have their lust clusters! Where are they doing it in front of the altar? Where they are standing all day Shouting glory glory glory! really people come on!

When it comes to angels, people are all over the damn place about them. Supposably the fallen angels are locked up in a dark prison covered in Chains! Then again, supposedly they’re running around as demons living in the sinful people. Actually victims of the Devil that you attack instead of the evil that’s attacking them! The only angels and demons that you’ll ever find is Christ! Mad Mag! (except for Mad Mag, she’s actually an AI with a screwy processor) and the rest of the Gang of Not Angels! They’re Betrayers! That stand with the Devil! .

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