When the Devil/God comes to Earth. He’ll be setting up his Catholic, Islam, Judaism, Etc Church.

When the Devil/God comes to Earth! He’ll be setting up his Catholic, Islam, Judaism, Etc Church.

There will be a few New Rules! You’ll have much to do. You’ll be praying and studying scripture and learning work tasks all day when not working. Within the new religion you’ll have the Pope, Cardinal, somewhere in all this you’ll have Islams, Judaism hierarchy, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest. There are more religious figureheads than can be listed in this post. If you have any questions or concerns you have to first pray intensely for a response. You will be told to earnestly pray to the Saints to the Angels, and then you have to work your way up! 

Why does Devil/God need so many “Representatives” before you get to him?

This is very important, understand the Devil needs to control you for a very very long time! He will not elevate you to the Higher Being that You Are! The Devil has “No Godly Magical Powers” he’s a Killer, Bent on Killing! He won’t heal you when he appears as God. The Devil, won’t fix the damage that he is doing to everyone. When Devil/God appears he will inform you that you are still unworthy, (understand why) he will tell you that you still have to Wait and Suffer, until you die before Christ will bring you to wholeness.

The Devil has to put numerous things in front of you, so you can’t actually be in the presence of God and “these obstacles are not put in place because you’re an evil sinner.” It’s because then you’d find out he’s just a being full of hate (“a creep from the deep as it were”) sitting in a chair laughing at you!

You will be told that you need to be very very obedient. He needs you Obedient, Fearful he needs a reason to keep you Away From Him. For a thousand years you will pray and behave and diligently work for everything you’re worth, reverently.

But all you will be doing is helping the Devil in the Evilest Cunning Elaborate Plan To Kill Our Father and Mother and Everyone You Love!


Understand, The Devil would not have done what he did! If the Devil thought he was going to lose!

You’re Worshiping a Hostel Cold Minded Entity! That’s Planning to Kill You!

I’m trying to get You to Understand the Magnitude of What is Happening, and What is Going to Happen. And What’s At Stake!

It is not that this is too big for you to see. It is that your “mind has been compromised.” You just, can not realize that this has happened. You can not see the folly of your thinking.

You have been told a lie! God has been introduced/entrenched into your mind there is a reason why!

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